Bayern v Chelsea – Cat and Mouse

With so many important players out for both sides tomorrow fireworks seem unlikely. An intriguing game of cat and mouse beckons.

Bayern will dominate possession with Chelsea looking to keep it tight and spring quickly on the break as they did in the semi-final.

Much of the play in the final third will converge in the centre – Ribery and Robben coming inside onto their natural foot looking to get shots off or closely link with Gomez, Kroos and Muller.

Hertha-Bayern 2-1

Chelsea may start Mata out wide in order to stay solid in the middle with Lampard, Essien and Mikel all playing.

Once he skips inside Cole, Robben will be attempting to draw out ‘Playstation’ defender David Luiz. If the crazy-haired Brazilian insists on coming out to meet the Dutchman instead of letting the midfield screen deal with him, Cech will have a busy night between the sticks.

Lampard, as ever, will be crucial to Chelsea.

For many years he’s been charged with being unable to mix his game up but the accusation is wide of the mark these days. As Chelsea took the back-seat against Barcelona, Lampard showed his ability. In the first leg he turned defence into attack in a flash, dispossessing Messi and flighting an exquisite ball into the path of Ramires who squared for Drogba to score:

In the second leg, receiving the ball back-to-goal on the half way line, he turned and took four players out with a beautiful pass to set Ramires away – the Brazilian chipping it over Valdes for 1-1:

In losing the German Cup Final to Dortmund at the weekend, Bayern were extremely lax in tracking runners. Torres could well find himself the hero again if he’s pitched into battle late on.

If it goes to penalties, back Bayern.

For an analysis of Lampard’s penalty taking look here:

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2 Responses to Bayern v Chelsea – Cat and Mouse

  1. Anonymous says:

    Surely when it goes to penalties you shouldn’t back anyone..!?

  2. Studies show 60% of teams going first win. Bayern going first, getting 3-1 up and still losing is unbelievable, Jeff!

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