What Areas do Assists Come From?

Well, we’ve done an awful lot of shots here at Differentgame so we thought we’d have a look at the final touches that lead up to them instead.

The graphic below shows 100+ assists from the weekend games in the last weeks of the season. The graphic shows the full attacking half of the field.

Warm coloured dots are assists from the attacking team. The darker the colour, the more assists from that spot. The cool coloured dots are where the opposing team has had the final touch before the shot to score came in. Again the darker the colour, the more final touches from that spot:

AssistsGraphicA few points to note:

Firstly, there were 6 times as many assists from both corners and free kicks on the right side than from the left.

Secondly, there were barely any blue dots on the graphic until the last couple of weekends. A sign of desperate defending as points increasingly meant prizes at the business end of the season?

Thirdly, when talking about chance creation, we should maybe stop saying ‘final third’ and start saying ‘last quarter’.

Still, small sample size, yada yada yada…

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