Where shooting goes wide of the mark

So last week at Differentgame we started to look at how repeatable a skill finishing from the central area of the box was. This week we edge further out where the angles get narrower and the shots get more speculative. Do some teams and individuals still retain that ability to regularly finish these chances? Let’s take a look.

For a reminder of the different shooting zones we use have a look here.

The method remains the same with data covering each of the 60 teams contesting the Premier League over the last 3 seasons. Remember we’re looking at the conversion % from the wide area inside the box for this piece. The league average is the black horizontal line through the middle. If a team’s above that line it’s a good thing, if they’re below it’s a bad thing. Simples.

teamsrepeatwideThe first thing to note is how many duff teams have been the most efficient converters from here over the last three years. That wasn’t the case with shots from the central area of the box that we looked at last week.

Stoke, Norwich and QPR have been great one year then garbage the next. Only two teams have been able to be above average in each of the 3 years – Sunderland and Arsenal. Even that’s random – on the face of it there’s not too many similarities between those two sides.

Here’s how some of the top goalscoring individuals have fared:

playersrepeatwideOnce again we see Bulgarian Grandmaster, Dimitar Berbatov, being above average here in each of the last three seasons. Another top performer is the much maligned Theo Walcott, fast becoming one of our favourite dispellor of myths. He’s responsible each season for around a quarter of Arsenal’s shots from this area and he’s justifying taking them on.

The top boys are converting at an average of around 7.5% compared to the league average of 6%. In the central areas we looked at last week, they’re converting at 23% rather than the league average of 16%.

It’s a difficult skill shooting from here. Only a select few have a real knack. Probably best to leave it as a last resort when there really is nothing else on.

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