Chelsea v Everton Preview

Radar charts are popular at present. Originally pioneered by Statsbomb’s Ted Knutson who originally stole them from somewhere else, we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon with our own versions.

We think they might lend themselves well to the stuff we’re doing so we had a little play. It’s a big day in the Premier League for both Chelsea and Everton who need points for their main targets. Chelsea need them in order to goad the managers of their nearest rivals, and Everton need them to avoid the embarrassment of David Moyes’ Manchester United catching up with them.

Anyway, we applied some numbers from our Chance Creation Model to the radars to see how the teams compare so far this season:

Chelsea v Everton 22 Feb 2014We can see that when it comes to getting the ball in the danger zone, both team’s styles are pretty similar. However, Chelsea is much more productive in open play. Ironically for our first plot, these two teams have more shots from loose balls  (i.e. chances not deftly crafted by themselves) than any other sides in the Premier League.

Chelsea were extremely unlucky to lose the reverse fixture at Goodison with Everton somehow surviving a first half blitzing. Looking at the graphic above it’s difficult to see The Toffees getting much out of the game today. Still, hope springs.

So what of these team’s ‘most creative’ individuals this season? In terms of traditional ‘key pass’ and ‘assist’ metrics, that would be Belgian Blues Brothers, Eden Hazard and Kevin Mirallas:

Hazard v Mirallas 22 Feb 2014When it comes to delivering the ball into the mixer successfully, both players are very different. Mirallas looks very much the traditional wide man, while Hazard seems much more able to dance into the box to tee up team-mates.

Both players have more or less the right amount of assists for the chances they create. However, Hazard has most of his assists from passes he’s played to team mates who are outside the box. In fact, 42 of his 66 ‘key’ passes have come this way. Although some of these, like his ball over the top v Southampton are genuinely great passes, there’s a lot of chaff in there that leaves team mates much to do. Is either player a creative genius? Probably not. There’s still elements of the show pone about both. Still, it’s fun to watch:

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One Response to Chelsea v Everton Preview

  1. 12BET says:

    It was a close and tough game for Chelsea and Everton. And Chelsea could’ve lose from Everton.

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