How Does Your Team Create Chances in the Danger Zone?

If you’ve followed the blog for a while now you’ll know just how many goals are scored from the central column of the penalty area compared to everywhere else.

Want to know how many chances your team creates, how they create them and how this compares to other teams around them? You’re in the right place.

Today we’re concentrating on chances created in the danger (green) zone – that central column of the penalty area where shots are put away at a much higher rate than they are from anywhere else on the pitch.

Hopefully, the descriptions of where the final pass was delivered from to get the ball into the danger zone is self explanatory. Here goes:

Top 4Top 5-89 to 1213 to 16Bottom 4Things that stand out for us? Man City look on a different attacking planet to their peers let alone the have nots outside the top 4. West Ham look like they belong with the bigger boys. Aston Villa are a bad side. Sunderland are dreadful.

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