England v Uruguay – Passing Postmortem

Earlier this week I took a quick look at Uruguay’s passing network v Costa Rica. Which team learned lessons from their opposition scouting?

Here’s Uruguay’s main passing links from last night:

Uruguay 21. I’ll start with the keeper kicking. If you read the last piece you’ll know Muslera went long to Stuani on the right all night v Costa Rica. Well, Stuani didn’t start and this is how Muslera’s kicking looked before Stuani came on v England (blue arrows successful kicks):

urukick1Here’s how it was once Stuani came on:

uru2Were England switched on for the second goal from the keeper punt? Nah.

2. Despite the 5 changes Uruguay made, they still went back left even when they came right. Suarez was obviously a far more successful out ball than Forlan was.

3. Using Lodeiro much further ahead of Rios (Gargano sat next to Rios in their first game) was a good move by Uruguay. Importantly he was stationed in the Gerrard and Henderson zone. It was Lodeiro who robbed Gerrard in the tackle and sent Cavani away for the first goal. It was Lodeiro who sent Cavani in 1v1 only for the PSG man to side foot wide.

4. Predictably, England sent Rooney back central and he did a lot better this time out and got into dangerous positions. No Gargano made it easier for the England man to find a bit of space. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it count and there was no threat from England anywhere else.

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