Mexico Scouting Report

This is the game I’m most looking forward to in the 2nd Round. I’m assuming most readers are familiar with most of the Dutch players but not so the Mexicans. That being the case I’ll use a few passing networks and then a bit of video to highlight things to look out for.

First up against Cameroon, Mexico had a lot of the ball. Here’s Mexico’s passing network:

Mexico v Cameroon Matrix

Main things to note:

  1. Ochoa played short to the defence.
  2. Rodriguez main outlet from defence
  3. Defence high in possession
  4. Vazquez midfield hub
  5. Herrera first outlet to attack (right)

Here’s how they looked against Brazil:

Mexico v Brazil Matrix

  1. Much more balanced 3-5-2 in possession against better team
  2. Rodriguez main outlet from defence
  3. Defence very high in possession
  4. Vazquez midfield hub
  5. Aguilar supplied Herrera
  6. Herrera main outlet to attack

And finally v Croatia:

Mexico v Croatia Matrix

  1. Ochoa successful with long kicks to Herrera against ‘soft’ Croatia midfield
  2. Defence high in possession
  3. Marquez pushed even higher into midfield against ‘flair’ of Modric and Rakitic
  4. Aguilar supplied Herrera
  5. Herrera main outlet to attack
  6. Mexico overloaded right side of central midfield

Mexico have displayed similar characteristics in each game. They LOVE playing out from the back. The Dutch should let them and close down around the half way line as Cameroon and Croatia do in the video below. It’s easy to imagine Sneijder, Robben and Van Persie making these kinds of transitions more effectively. Importantly, Mexico anchorman Vazquez is suspended for the next game so there may be more opportunities for the Dutch to exploit this:



Mexico have great touch and movement in the final third if they get past the first block. As we saw in the networks above, Hector Herrera (no 6) is the man that makes things happen in attack for Mexico. Happily for the Dutch, he’s normally stationed right about where de Jong sits and snarls. De Jong will need help from Blind and Robben too as Herrera starts moves, lays on chances and is keen to have a pop himself:



El Tri are also very effective from crosses and set pieces. Herrera and Guardado are the main set piece takers:



On the other hand, Mexico are also absolutely dismal at defending crosses and set pieces too. Ochoa has performed heroics on numerous occasions to get them out of trouble:



Sit back later and enjoy the game – it should be a cracker! Follow me @footballfactman on Twitter.


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