Leicester 2 Everton 2: The Warm Down

Everton attempted 600 passes to Leicester’s 336 but could only muster a similar amount of shots as The Foxes.

As usual, yellow dots= goals, blue dots saved attempts and black dots were blocked/off target:

Leicester v Everton Viz

My ExpG model says Leicester created the best chances in total. There was only an 11% chance Everton would score twice (both absolute peaches) from their shots. There was around 19% chance that Leicester would score twice from theirs.

It was really interesting (for this geek) to see Leicester’s technical set up, laptops out, sat right next to manager Nigel Pearson. One wonders if they helped influence the second half.

Algerian Riyad Mahrez really stepped up to the plate in the second half and was able to get firmly in Everton’s grill, forcing the previously marauding Baines and Pienaar backwards and Barry into fouling him.

It was Mahrez who played in Schlupp for the glorious chance he blazed over and Mahrez’s shot which led to the botched clearance for Wood’s equaliser. Here’s his halves compared attack-wise:

Mahrez 1st v 2ndIn contrast, here’s how Baines fared attack-wise in both halves:

Baines 1st v 2ndThe Baines and Pienaar axis which had caused havoc in the first half was pegged back and Pienaar eventually got taken off.

Two more notable things for me. First, Stones not looking comfortable defensively at right back or even on the right of three centre backs. Schlupp’s chance in the channel came when the youngster switched off. Wood was also left alone on the back stick to slide past Howard. Concentration and communication with Jagielka? He wasn’t helped by McGeady drifting centrally a lot either. The Irish international has previously spoken about defensive instruction from Martinez.

Lastly, corners. Under and over-hit from Everton with no short ones taken. Defending them appeared to be zonal but with no one attacking the ball. Frustrating!

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3 Responses to Leicester 2 Everton 2: The Warm Down

  1. Do teams with higher quality players tend to outperform their expected goals, or does it typically correlate well with goals scored because they’re creating higher quality + a higher quantity of chances?

  2. Also, from just watching the game, it appeared to me like Leicester could have created several other quality chances if their passing in the final 3rd + on counter attacks wasn’t so dreadful. If Ozil plays next week, he’ll have a ton of success slipping through balls in to Sanchez and the Ox.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Re expected goals it’s down to luck, good systems, hot streaks by players and the few individuals who actually are consistently above avg

    There’s no two ways about it, the defence and whats going on in front needs sorting out!

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