Using Tableau to visualize passing (updated)

This season I’ll be using Tableau to see where Everton’s open play passes go.

Here’s a screenshot of John Stones’ passes so far this season. Blue arrows are completed passes, while red failed to find a man:

John Stones passingClarity is key with these and at first I deliberately tried to avoid using the usual passing arrows to stop it looking as busy as it does here. However, one beauty of Tableau is the ability to use filters. With my pass maps you’ll be able to sort by player, opponent, where on the pitch the pass was made from, where it went to, whether it was successful and what time of the match it was made.

Trust me, you can stop it looking like a bad etch-a-sketch! The full interactive viz is here so go and have a play.

Like the xG shot maps, these passing maps are another great scouting tool for both teams and players. Follow me on twitter @footballfactman

NB – I’ve updated this post about 427 times and this version bares next to no resemblance to the first one

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