Quick Oppo Scouting Report – Tottenham

Spur’s last 3 away days (WBA, Southampton, Watford) have seen them set up differently each time. As usual with the graphic below, the bigger a player’s circle the more touches he had, the bigger the arrow, the more passes in that direction. It’s all per 90’d up.

Spurs Slower GifPerformance Analysts across the land know what it is to try and figure out likely line ups. At this fixture heavy time of year, it must be an even greater nightmare. And frankly, Pochettino hasn’t made second guessing his side easy recently away from home.

Last time out v Watford it turned into a 3-4-3 ish type thing with Dier splitting the usual centre backs. This enabled the full backs to get higher than normal. Kieron Trippier got a rare run out. A big factor in his game at Burnley was attacking crosses. Maybe Poch’s staff had seen Watford’s weakness so far this season down the right:

Watford againstIn any case, it worked. Trippier popped up with Spurs’ first assist away from home from an open play cross into the box:

Spurs crossed CCs awayEvery Everton fan knows this season that their team are struggling with crosses big time. Will Spurs set up like this again to get their full backs higher? You’re guess is as good as mine, boss, I’m not Nostradamus.

It’s no secret that Spurs’ main man is Christian Eriksen. His direct threat comes mostly from set-pieces, but the Dane’s wily scheming in the absence of James McCarthy will be Everton’s biggest problem tomorrow. What to do down the right hand side?

Spurs concede most of their chances from wide crosses into the box. However, this has been more of a problem at home rather than away. They’re still yet to concede from one away from home in open play.

So do Everton stick with Deulofeu out wide right to have a go at them here or stay conservative. With Eriksen operating in the gaps left when the ball turns over, it’s a worry. Maybe Aaron Lennon’s work rate would be wiser.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Besic being selected to do a job on Eriksen. The potential outcomes for this are quite scary. Besic is a ball watching, leg lunging loon at the best of times but he’s barely got any football under his belt this season. Will he be sharp enough to do an effect hatchet job on Eriksen?

Insert video footage of Tottenham’s set pieces here. I haven’t got time. Hopefully, Roberto has this week.

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