A great time to enter the managerial market

The Merseyside Derby appears to have fully turned the tide against Everton manager Roberto Martinez and once more we ponder possible candidates for the role.

Lets use 6 seasons of Premier League expected goals data and Tableau!

For a look at managerial style we can plot defensive efficiency (expected goals against/actual goals against) on one axis and attacking efficiency (actual goals for/expected goals for) on the other.

We can colour up each manager by his expected goal difference per game and check the sample size by, erm, sizing each manager up by the number of games managed in the Premier League.

Here’s how it looks:

Manager Style Efficiency with xGD p90If you’re looking at recruiting from those with Premier League experience there’s probably never been a better time. Pellegrini, Benitez, Mourinho and former manager Moyes are all likely available on the market. They all show up extremely well here.

Having tools like these to hand should be standard in Premier League boardrooms. Never should clubs be unprepared in these situations. The information isn;t restricted to the Premier League either. You could have your finger on the pulse of all major leagues. It’s a great way to help inform important decisions.

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