How does Funes Mori v Williams effect the team?

So I was watching the Tottenham game back, studying it move by move to sort out a passing sequence map and ended up tweeting this:

I laughed all over again about him ending up on the deck after trying to bounce Kane off the ball (and the ref blowing up for a foul in the Argentine’s favour) but was mostly struck by how poor he and Holgate were in possession when under pressure.

Which is a bit weird because I’ve since tweeted this too:

It’s quite possible Ramiro is both good and terrible on the ball depending on the situation. I’ve rattled on before about the effects of a left footed player playing left centre back as opposed to a righty. It’s become starkly apparent already this season. Here’s the passing networks from Everton’s first two home games:

everton-tot-v-stoFunes Mori’s open body allows the left flank to be utilised and the attack is supplied from around the pitch. Right-footed Williams is closed off. Everything goes towards the middle and then through Barry. Here’s the individual forward passes from left centre back in the first three games (courtesy of the @StatsZone app for iPad):

img_3717img_3719img_3718It’s fine if Barry is the fulcrum in games when Everton dominate the ball. But Barry struggled against Tottenham’s muscular midfield, couldn’t get involved and the Blues spent much of the 2nd half chasing shadows and went 10 mins at one stage without stringing more than two passes together.

With Gueye a shoe (shoo?)-in for one central midfield slot but isn’t going to link defence and attack regularly in a direct manner. Cud for Koeman to chew on.

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