Brighton & Hove Albion

Everton travel to Brighton this weekend. Let’s have a look at The Seagull’s set up:

  1. Brighton are a compact side
  2. Keeper, Mat Ryan will play out from the back when he can
  3. The centre halves prefer to shuffle it wide to full backs
  4. The full backs are not overly aggressive in getting forward. They will try and feed Pascal Groß and Solly March.
  5. The whole team circulate the ball well in their own half but don’t carry this forward into oppo territory
  6. Dale Stephens is the midfield hub. His main concentration is ferrying it wide to the full backs. He does this as efficiently as anyone in the league right now.
  7. Groß will come central to receive but his dangerous work is from wider areas. He is more patient than March who is more likely to sling it into the box
  8. Brighton don’t create much in open play but are dangerous at corners. Watch Dunk, Duffy and Stephens find space.
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