The Differentgame Handbook of the Premier League (for kids)

My children (both Primary School age) often ask Dad what on earth he’s doing looking at lists of numbers to do with football.

“It looks boring.”

And then one of them went to Coding Club at school, started knocking about with a Raspberry Pi, talking about Python and writing a program to turn a bulb on and off.

“So what does it all mean then, Dad?”

And then…

“I want a book to tell me about all the teams.”

I was taken back to a handbook I had for the 1986-7 season when Everton last won the league. It had all the football league clubs in it. Some facts and figures, pictures and a brief summary of how each team had done. I loved it. But it wasn’t just a list of numbers like the Rothman’s guide or whatever.

And it occured to me I have all that stuff at my finger tips. So I wrote one for my children, trying to make some football analytics stuff understable for kids.

I’ve made the first part available for download. I haven’t put the whole thing on there as it’s a present for my poor offspring. It’s designed to be printed out, but will look ok on a tablet:

Differentgame Handbook

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