Stats Dump! The State After Eight

First up, my new defensive pressure maps for all the Premier League teams. They are in order of highest pressers in the final two thirds so City play the highest block (shock) and Newcastle play the lowest block (often sitting on the edge of the area to defend).

Colour code:

The redder the zone, the busier the hustling. Whiter is average hustling. The bluer the zone its a cakewalk for the oppo. It’s all relative to every other team in the same third too.

Next up, passing. I’ve included a pass difficulty rating. The greener it is, the easier the passes that side is attempting. First teams:

And now a selection of players above average at passing so far. Though these are ranked by xP rating, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s best to worst. It’s best to compare like for like position wise. Right now, I can’t be bothered:

To xG and the table on a game by game basis:

Now by xGD:

Players xG:

Players expected assists:

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